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No serious trading operation should be without a team of experienced data analysts who furnish traders with the right data at the right time in order to make well informed decisions.  Without evidence based, technical analysis, traders are just guessing.  Know the odds and put the odds in your favor.  Our team becomes a vital resource for your team.

Expert analysis covers: Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline (RB), Brent Crude Oil, Natural Gas, the Weekly EIA Petroleum Report, the API Weekly Inventory Estimates, CFTC Open Interest, Crack Spreads, Calendar Spreads and flat price.

Improve your trading success through our unmatched suite of products.  Make Stanton an integral part of your trading program.

Live trading room

Log into the live trading room and see key levels with expert commentary and analysis as the action is unfolding.

The Coffee Cup News

Delivered each morning via email with expert technical analysis and significant overnight news.

The Stanton Brief

Delivered each afternoon via email with a recap of today’s action as well as key levels and statistics for tomorrow’s trading.

Our Valued Clients

Professional Energy Traders of all kinds.  Our clients include private equity groups, hedge funds, oil and gas producers and qualified individual traders. References available upon request.

Professional Trader

There is no need to trade alone.  Being a part of a collaborative team has been proven to increase success.

Corporate trader

8 of the top 10 energy trading companies in the U.S are Stanton clients as well as clients in Europe and the Middle East.

Corporate Multi-User

Stanton’s suite is uniquely designed to allow corporate teams at the same location or in separate locations to take full advantage of the service.

The Stanton Live Trading Room

Each day, just like you we have our charts up and running. These charts are available to our customers on-line beginning at 6 pm every night and run to the end of the trading day. These charts have all of the proprietary information included in the Stanton Brief running in the live market.

It is a priceless accommodation to visualize key levels before price reaches them.

your trading questions answered in real time

Through Ice Chat our customers may communicate with our trading experts. Enjoy critical analysis on spreads, cracks and flat price in a live marketplace. We are always just a click away. Stumped or have a complicated question? Our clients always enjoy access the old fashioned way; a phone call.

formal trading system and defined rules

The live trading room is not a place where traders "wing it". The room employs a strict set of trading methodology formulated and proven over a 10-year period. Having the patience to wait for a price to come to your level is a trademark of the methodology.

market updates with standardized trades

Designed for the active trader as well as the swing trader, our live system allows both to take full advantage of key levels and high odds trades. Stay abreast of breaking news as it becomes available with dynamic analysis as it unfolds.

Benefits to You and Your Team


Having a plan before the day begins is a must for any trader. Have a plan and trade the plan. Seeing key levels and planning trades in relation to those levels is a trademark of the Stanton system. A patient trader is a successful trader.


The Live Trading Room brings discipline to any trading strategy. With static as well as dynamic levels the methodology is rule based and does not change. Respecting the rules increases the odds of high odds trades.


The marketplace reacts to an infinite set of variables. Being aware of the right ones at the right time is critical. Through Ice Chat and the Live Trading Room you will stay informed on fundamentals, news and technical analysis as the day develops.


A prepared, aware and informed trader is a patient trader and more importantly a successful trader. Nothing builds confidence like profitable trades. Large draw-downs and unprofitable trades are often the byproduct of poor planning and impatience. The Stanton expertise and methodology has a proven record of improving your daily trading routine.

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