Expert insight into the energy markets for professional traders. 

Stanton is a collective of amazing people delivering robust information in real time.​

  • No serious trading operation should be without a team of data analysts who furnish the traders with the right data at the right time to make well informed decisions.
  • Without evidence based, technical analysis… traders are just guessing.
  • Technicals always lead the fundamentals.
  • Traders should not trade blind. Know the odds and put the odds in your favor.
  • Have a plan and trade the plan. 

“Have a plan and trade the plan.”

– Henry Marchell, Founder


Live Trading Room

View our charts live with key technical levels, live commentary, and news as it unfolds.

  • Each day, just like you we have our charts up and running. These charts are available to our customers on-line beginning at 6 pm every night and run to the end of the trading day.
  • These charts have all of the proprietary information included in the Stanton Brief running in the live market.
  • It is a priceless accommodation to see the levels before the market reaches them.

Ice Chat

Online chat with our traders and technical staff with up to the minute analysis and dynamic feedback.

  • Each day our customers have access to Henry and the staff through Ice Chat.
  • Up to the minute news affecting the markets.
  • Advice on spreads and flat price in real time.
  • A great way to bounce around ideas for potential trades and timing.

The Coffee Cup News

The coffee Cup News is an early morning summary of technical levels as well as overnight developments from around the world that may affect the energy markets.

  • Information gathered from five newspapers and online stories form around the world and key technical analysis.
  • The Early Morning Edition is published at 8:30 am.
  • The Coffee Cup News is a quick, concise, time saving tool to stay abreast of key developments affecting the markets. 

The Stanton Brief

The Stanton Brief is technical analysis report, preparing traders for tomorrows trading day. Including: targets, ranges and odds.

  • Delivered after the close of each trading day to prepare a trader for the following day in advance.
  • Designed around an Organic 3 Day Cycle in which the Markets breathe.
  • Industry leading technical analysis.
  • Based on 10 years worth of data. 
  • Simple easy to read design helps traders formulate an actionable trading plan for the following day, as well as a recap of today’s action from the live trading room. 

Pratical Benefits to Your Trading Team


Direct access to Stanton via IceChat or the live trading room for key levels, entry points and exit points.  

  • Access to the Stanton Team for each trader via Ice chat and the Live trading room.
  • Being aware of key levels before they are reached creates a patient trader. Patience builds confidence.
  • Confidence builds a positive environment as traders learn to “let the market come to them”.
  • This reduces stress created by large drawdowns and premature entries.
  • Once positions are initiated, targets and exit points are developed all according to plan. “Have a plan and trade the plan.”

Does your team know the answers to these Questions before the market opens?

  • What are the odds RBOB has a rally of 300 ticks today?
  • Is today a good day to Buy, Sell or do nothing on Crude Oil?
  • At what total range is Heating Oil a must buy today?
  • We are in day two of the 3 day cycle. What is the average 3 Day Rally for Crude Oil?
  • With its extensive database, algorithims and data points, Stanton provides your team with the answers. Stanton is a team working to provide your team with the right information.

The Stanton Brief answers these questions and more.

Real Life Practical Solutions

  • Veronica meets with her team and decides to purchase 25 lots of Crude Oil futures. The team leader suggest checking with Stanton as to timing.
  • Henry. “Today is a Sell Short Day in our cycle. There is a 78% chance of a decline of $1.42 or more. Our max range would put the best value area at $59.75”
  • Veronica was ready to buy at the open based on fundamental analysis. $62.05. She waited and let the market come to her based on the odds.
  • Her trade was filled at $59.75 having purchased at a likely value area. This decreased her drawdown and entry price by $57,500. It was a good day for Veronica.
  • With its extensive database, algorithims and data points, Stanton provides your team with the answers. Stanton is a team working to provide your team with the right information.

Day to day solutions.  Have a plan and trade the plan.  

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