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Sample reports and details about our services.  

The Coffee Cup News is an early morning summary of key technical levels as well as overnight developments from around the world that may affect the energy markets.

  • Information gathered from newspapers and online stories from around the world as well as key technical analysis.
  • The report is published at 8:30 am.
  • The Coffee Cup News is a quick, concise, time saving tool to stay abreast of key developments affecting the markets.
Coffee Cup News 02_14_20

The Stanton Brief is technical analysis report, preparing traders for tomorrows trading day. Including: targets, ranges and odds.

  • Delivered after the close of each trading day to prepare a trader for the following day.
  • This trading methodology was developed over a 10-year period, referencing historical data and trends
  • Designed by traders for traders, the Stanton Brief helps formulate a trading plan for the following day, as well as a recap of today’s action from the live trading room.


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The Stanton Brief 2_25_20

Each day, just like you, Stanton has its charts up and running. These charts are available to our clients on-line beginning at 6 pm and run to the end of the trading day.

  • These charts have all of the proprietary information included in the Stanton Brief, running in the live market.
  • Live commentary and analysis can be heard through your GoToMeeting login.
  • Through IceChat, Stanton keeps clients up to date with dynamic analysis as well as answer client questions.